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Our Status:
** Freedom Powerchairs Ltd. (FPL) is a registered charity no: 1149122.

** Freedom Custom Powerchairs Ltd. (FCPL) is a service subsidiary of Freedom Powerchairs Ltd.

FCPL manages the customising of powerchairs and mobility aids for our clients, by our appointed contractors.

** Freedom Resource Recovery (FRR) is a charity recycler of commercial and industrial equipment, plant, machinery, stock and used uPVC Doors & Windows

and is a wholly owned subsidiary and trading arm of FPL.

We welcome donations of redundant and surplus equipment, working or not, as we can use our workshop capability to restore items for resale.
** Spencer Office Services Ltd. manages our facilities and trades as a distributor of high efficacy sanitisation products to health services and public bodies.

All net proceeds of FRR & SoS go to FPL who makes grants for eligible clients to spend on the services of FCPL, etc.
Volunteers welcomed for all roles - interesting opportunities with training - please enquire!

Freedom Powerchairs Ltd. Registered Charity No: 1149122 Tel: 0843 289 6755 / Text: 07515595337

 Open Mon- Fri: 1000-1600 and by appointment.

e-mail: info@freedompowerchairs.org.uk

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